Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pike vs Sword in Aberdeen - schiltrons and raiders

Feels like our breaks are becoming longer and longer between posts... Let's get right to the next battle, shall we? This one is from our short Viking vs Scots Common campaign. If you remember, the previous battle was the bloodiest we have ever played, with 10 casualties (due to our customized casualty system). 

The one here came after some maneuvering by both generals, with the VikingR invading Aberdeen. The two small armies are facing each other on the littoral field: 7 Scottish units (4 Pk, Kn, Wb, Ps) vs 8 Viking (5 Bd, Bw, Wb).

A hill is separating the two armies which have deployed close to one another. Highlanders (Ps, Wb) have been sent by the Scottish general to scout and if necessary defend the hill. The Scots boarded their ships as soon as they heard of the invasion and now they have their back to the sea. Their compact schiltron makes their left and center, with the knights of their general on their right.

The invading Vikings form a long line of blood-thirsty swordsmen, with their left flank protected by bowmen and their unpredictable Berserkers (Wb). Their captain's plan seems simple: charge and drive the dogs into the sea!

The Highlanders fall back and the Scottish line redeploys. Their 'small folk' (Ps) move to the center of the formation while the fierce gaelic warriors (Wb) move in front of their general. The vikings are dangerously close...

The hill belongs to the vikings who are getting ready for the decisive charge. The Scottish lines are not completely formed yet.

The Scottish general unfolds an ambitious plan to redeploy his whole army. He tries to concentrate his pikemen to the right flank of the vikings while protecting his flanks with the two highlander units. A long column of pikes is facing two units of norse swordsmen, while the rest of the viking army is marching down the hill.

The fronts split in several places, while the vikings come charging down the hill and the Scots brace for the clash. The plan of the Scottish general was too optimistic and his army seems barely ready. His army's right flank is rather open.

Done in a flash! The vikings charged straight for the Scottish ships and after losing their rash berserkers to the brave highlanders defending the ships, they managed to take over the Scots' camp. The Scottish army retreats in good fashion and the victory is for the VikingR!

This one was our shortest battle ever. The two armies were so small that the max casualties were only three so losing the camp and a unit were enough for the Scots to flee. Aberdeen changed hands after this battle and the vikings gained the upper hand. Join us on the next battle in our campaign between our norse raiders and our highlanders.