Tuesday, 4 October 2011

VI. Third battle of Thessaly - Retreat for the Greeks again.

This time we will move to the battle without much ado. This bout took place in the same terrain as the last one (Thessaly) because the Byzantines returned with reinforcements after the Egyptians decided to stay and replenish their casualties. In fact, the latter could spare extra points and hire two merc elements (crusader bows). The sides are the same as in the last battle for the two armies, with the greeks attacking this time. 

 High noon and Palaiologos deploys his strongest cavalry on the left, his varangians (Bd) and a bow, with the light horse units behind, in the center and a unit of skutatoi (Sp) with bows on the right. The general is riding next to his varangians.

Turan-Sha has gathered most of his strength to the right. Horsemen, bowmen and infantry are in a large, wide column ready to cross the river. On his left he deploys two more units of cavalry and the mercenary bows.

The byzantines are on the move. Their cavalry gallops forth on the left, while the arabs are still crossing the (difficult) river. The greek slow infantry is left behind with Palaiologos himself.

Great danger for the egyptians! They are still crossing while the greeks are ready to smash on them with their kavallarioi (Cv) and pachenegs (Lh). On the other side of the battlefield the lines have barely moved.

 The greek general is content. With magnificent speed, Iraqi archers get cornered by his cavalry while the khwarizmians are helpless in the river.

 Disaster! The arabs are a tough nut to crack and they first push back the greeks and then shoot down the pachenegs. The kavallarioi rush in again to ride them down.

 Shouts of success by the archers! Their arrows are deadly and the second mounted unit of the byzantines is routed. The battle is far from over though...

 Slowly Turan-Sha orders a line to form while the greeks are still fragmented. If the latter manage to keep the egyptians from deploying fully, they still stand a chance.

 Greek kavallarioi, pachenegs and cataphracts against arab khwarizmians and bowmen. Men from all over of the two empires shed their blood next to Pinios for their generals!

 The bow decided the battle... Unscathed, the arabs shoot down two more cavalry greek units and the army of byzantium is in disarray.

Palaiologos sounds the retreat and the remainder of his army march back to Thessaloniki.

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